This directorate is responsible for the development of comprehensive and sustainable policies, legislation, plans, programmes and resource flows to the sector in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

It caters for the design and application of monitoring and evaluation systems for purposes of assessing the operational effectiveness of the Ministry, its implementing Departments and Agencies, as well as the activities of other key stakeholders in meeting the sector’s short, medium, and long-term objectives and targets.

It also co-ordinates the preparation of the Sector’s Budget and the Medium Term Development Plan.

The PPBME Directorate has three (3) functional areas comprising the Policy Planning Unit (PPU), Budget Unit, and the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Unit.

  • Policy Planning and Coordination Unit

The Policy Planning and Coordination Unit is to ensure the initiation/formulation, review and coordination of policies, plans and programmes in the Works and Housing sector.

  • Sector-Wide Budget Unit

The unit leads in the design and provision of plans based on a sound framework for the effective implementation of the Ministry’s planned programmes, projects and activities.

The unit is also responsible for preparing budget and the provision of technical guidance to Management on budgetary matters and keeps proper updates of all financial projects.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

The Unit is to ensure the effective monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of plans, programmes/projects and policies of the Ministry and its agencies. This would be done in close collaboration with the directorates, agencies and other stakeholders.