• Internal Audit Unit,
  • Public Affairs Unit (PAU),
  • Legal Unit,
  • Project Coordinating Unit,
  • Client Services Unit.


                Internal Audit Unit (IA)

The Internal Audit Unit provides objective assurance, evaluates the effectiveness of risk management, internal controls and governance processes for effective and efficient service delivery.

The core functions are to determine the timeliness and accuracy of financial information, evaluate compliance with statutory financial regulations, ascertain the judicious use of resources and facilitate risk management in the Ministry.


                      Public Relations Unit

The Unit develops, implements, and reviews communication strategies to market and communicate the Ministry’s policies, programs, projects and activities to the public and also receive and manage public responses and enquiries.


                      Legal Unit

The unit is responsible for providing legal and legislative support services to the Ministry by ensuring legal interpretations and inputs into the formulation of policies and other international protocols, conventions and treaties.


                  Project Coordination Unit (PCU)

The Unit is responsible for all projects and programmes that are national in character and which fall under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Works and Housing. These include Affordable Housing projects, Drainage Management and Coastal protection works project.

The objective of the PCU is to ensure effective implementation and coordination of projects/ programmes of the Ministry. It is to serve as a central information repository of all projects of the Ministry.


  • Ensure that projects being undertaken by the Ministry are successfully delivered on-time, within-budget, of-high-quality, with an acceptable risk level, with stakeholder satisfaction and to specifications, at all times towards accelerated development
  • Ensure the application of uniform standards for projects within the sector for effective monitoring and evaluation.
  • Ensure that data and information on all projects are available for decision making
  • Liaise with the PPBME to develop early warning systems and corrective measures for effective implementation of the programmes and projects of the Ministry.
  • Collaborate with PPBME and General Administration to organize annual review meetings and strategize for the ensuing year.
  • Serve as a centre of change to facilitate the implementation of the Ministry’s programmes and projec

           Client Services Unit

The Client Services Unit is responsible for standardizing and communicating to the public the services delivered by the Ministry as well as the process for complaint handling. The unit also provides information on the nature of the operations of Ministry. It deals with complaints from the public regarding services, and ensures that genuine problems are addressed adequately.