The Finance Directorate deals mainly with General Accounting and the disbursement of the Ministry’s approved budget. It also safeguards the interest of the Ministry in all financial transactions relating to revenue and expenditure, and ensures good financial administration.

The Finance Directorate has three (3) functional areas comprising General Accounts, Treasury, and Resource Mobilization units.

General Accounts Unit:

  1. Prepares payment vouchers and releases of cash for the Ministry’s programmes and activities;
  2. Monitors expenditure to ensure that it is within budgetary allocation.
  3. Prepares projects/programmes accounts for coordinators and programmes managers and for auditing
  4. Prepares financial statements.

Treasury Unit:

  1. Applies for release of funds,
  2. Processes warrants of various forms

Resource Mobilization Unit

The unit is responsible for facilitating the process for sourcing funds from donor partners and other stakeholders for implementing programmes and projects of the Ministry.