Works and Housing Ministry Organizes Talk on Communication for Staff


Communication is the life wire of an organization.  It plays an important role in the development of an organization as it fosters good working relationship between Management and Staff which in turn increases efficiency and productivity.

It is for this reason that the Ministry of Works and Housing, organized a talk on communication on the topic “We are all PR People, for staff as part of measures to improve communication and service delivery in the Ministry.

In his opening remarks, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Works and Housing, Mr. Solomon Asoalla expressed gratitude to staff for their good work and continued support.

He said Management recognizes the importance of effective communication because it brings about unity in an organization and the nation as a whole and that Management will continue to support the implementation of the Ministry’s Continuous Professional Development Programmes aimed at building the knowledge and skills of staff.

Speaking on the topic, Madam Paulina Kuranchie, Graduate Programme Coordinator and Lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), explained that members of staff in an organization are all PR people because they contribute to the public’s perception of the organization.

“Customer perception of this Ministry is primarily tied to the public’s interaction with people from the Ministry and everyone in the Ministry is a representative of the Ministry – good or bad.

Personnel from this Ministry may be the only experience some section of the public will ever have”, she added.

Touching on barriers to communication, she indicated that it is important to be mindful of the emotions of the people you are communicating to as that can create a barrier to the understanding of the intended message.

The facilitator urged Staff of the Ministry to always remember the “the 7C’s” which are; Completeness, Conciseness, Consideration, Clarity, Concreteness, Correctness and Courtesy in their service delivery.

Mr. Steve Aggor, the Director of General Administration, who chaired the function, expressed the Ministry’s gratitude to the facilitator and said effective communication is very important in the day to day activities of the Ministry, saying that, without effective communication, there would not be order, leadership and work plan.

He therefore called on the Staff to take the presentation serious and consider it as a strategic learning opportunity.

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