The Minister for Works and Housing, Hon Francis Asenso-Boakye has inspected the progress of works at the ongoing Police Housing Project and the Redevelopment of Government Residential properties at Tesano and Roman Ridge in Accra respectively. These are two of the many housing projects currently being undertaken by the Ministry to provide descent, secured and safe accommodation to public servants.

The 320-apartment which comes with a multi-purpose sports facility and other auxiliary facilities comprises 7 blocks of 2 bedrooms and 13 blocks of 3 bedrooms with each block containing 16 apartments. The Redevelopment Project at Roman Ridge on the other hand is intended to renew old run-down neighborhoods by demolishing dilapidated structures on prime lands. It involves 68 housing units public sector workers.

At the Redevelopment Project site at Roman Ridge, the Works and Housing Minister expressed satisfaction with the quality of work and urged the contractor to expedite the rate of progress to meet the completion date.
Having witnessed the ongoing works at the two sites, which are at advanced stages of completion, the Minister expressed his satisfaction with the quality of work done. He stated that, the completion of the project will augment other housing programmes that are being rolled out to increase the residential stock of our men and women in the police service and other public service workers.

“It is our belief that the completion of these housing projects and others would drastically reduce the accommodation challenges in our sprawling cities, be a giant step towards government’s efforts to wipe the national housing and deficit and ultimately improve the standard of living of Ghanaians”. He added.

Available research puts the national housing deficit at about 2million housing units with access to decent and affordable housing being the main challenge in the cities. Owing to this, the Minister disclosed of Government’s plans to roll out other housing programmes that will go a long way to address the challenges associated with owning safe, secured, and affordable housing especially for the low to middle-income earners. “Government believes that access to decent and affordable accommodation for Ghanaians is fundamental to the health and wellbeing of people and by extension the smooth governance”.

The Minister added. The Project Manager of Amandi Holdings Limited, Salim Bsoul said the project is progressing well ahead of time and should therefore be completed and hand over to the government by December 2022.

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