Director, Housing

Theresa Tufuor is the Director, Housing. She is the housing policy analyst at the Ministry. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Land Economy from the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi Ghana, a Master of Science degree in Housing and Urban Development from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Netherlands, and a Doctorate (Ph.D) degree in Housing Development Planning and Housing Strategies, Financing and Planning for Households from the Wageningen University, Wageningen, Netherlands.

Her research interest includes the areas of human settlement issues, housing development policy, and issues in land tenure and in the socio-material practices by which social categories, such as gender and housing issues evolve.

Work Experience:

  • Coordinating nationwide housing and human settlement sub-sector activities, including all donor and NGO assisted project
  • Consultant in finalizing the National Housing Strategy for implementation
  • Facilitating broader consultation among sector agencies on housing policy, reviewing proposals, and ensuring that policy issues receive prompt attention at the ministerial level.
  • Facilitating projects identification, formulation, and appraisals
  • Liaising closely with various Ministries, Departments, and stakeholders that have mandates related to housing and human settlement issues to ensure sound collaboration and harmonization of issues among these institutions
  • Planning, convening, and implementing donor and other national level conferences for the human settlement sub-sector
  • Monitoring the effectiveness and efficiency of the urban and rural housing sector’s programs vis-à-vis the nation’s priorities
  • Preparing work plans, budgets, and relevant reports on housing and human settlement activities
  • Collecting and analyzing data from lead housing agencies
  • Monitoring and evaluating project implementation
  • Promoting and establishing private sector capacity for the provision of rental housing
  • Ensuring proper management of assets of Government and other MDA’s

Theresa Tufuor is a practicing Surveyor by profession and a member of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GHIS). She is a member of the International Federation of Housing Planning (IFHP) and the International Association of Housing Planners (IAHP), an international network dedicated to increasing households’ access to land and housing and control of resources to manage slums. She is a member of the Huairou Commission dedicated to reduce poverty in unplanned neighborhoods and increase women’s access to housing.

She has published in International peer-reviewed articles:

Tufuor et. al. Extending the Moral Economy beyond Households…. ‘Gender Place and Culture’.

Drowning in ‘Urbanization’ Housing Problems in Unplanned Settlements in Accra

Tufuor, T. (2010), Gender and Women’s Housing Problems in Accra: The Case of Old Fadama, Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing, Republic of Ghana http://www.hdm.lth.se/fileadmin/hdm/alumni/papers/SDD

The Housing Situation in Ghana – A paper presented to Malaysian and Philippines Delegations on a Study Tour to Ghana

Government Enablement of Private Sector Lending for Affordable Housing in Ghana – A paper presented to the IFHP Yearly Members Publication – Netherlands

Book chapters:

Reforming the Rental Housing Sector in Ghana (2004)

She has peer-reviewed articles on housing needs, housing and gender studies, and sustainable livelihoods.

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