Director, Research, Statistics and Information Management (RSIM)/Project Co-ordinating Unit (PCU)

Ms. Angorkor Osa – Kwao was educated at Achimota School.

She subsequently went to the Government Secretarial School and upon completion, was posted to the Ministry of Transport and Communications as a Stenographer.  After working in the secretarial class for about ten years, she entered the University of Cape Coast for the Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) programme.

On completion of the programme, she was placed as an Assistant Director IIB with the Ministry of Roads and Highways, where she served for thirteen years.

Ms. Osa – Kwao, was one of five Civil Servants posted to help in the setting up of the Ministry of Planning in 2017.

After a year at the Ministry of Planning as Deputy Director, she was posted to the Ministry of Works and Housing where she is currently the Director for Research, Statistics and Information Management and with oversight responsibility for the Project Co-ordinating Unit.

Ms. Osa – Kwao, has a Master’s degree in Public Sector Management from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).