The Minister for Works and Housing, Hon. Francis Asenso-Boakye has expressed the urgent need for a fundamental change in the country’s approach in addressing hydrological challenges in the country. The establishment of the Ghana Hydrological Authority, the sector Minister indicated, would go a long way to enhance existing hydrology, and provide the essential technical leadership required to tackle drainage and sustain flood management services.

Government is currently initiating the necessary processes for the establishment of the Ghana Hydrological Authority. The Ghana Hydrological Authority Bill, 2021 is to establish the Ghana Hydrological Authority (GHA) as the state institution responsible for the planning, design, execution, operation and maintenance of flood control mechanisms, coastal engineering works, drainage improvement works, operational and applied hydrology in the country.

In his presentation to move the motion for the second reading for the establishment of the Ghana Hydrological Authority today, Hon. Asenso-Boakye indicated that the challenges associated with the delivery of hydrological services have made it difficult for institutions that depend on hydrology related information for construction, irrigation, agriculture and maritime purposes to take full advantage of the department’s services.

The sector Minister believes the creation of a well-resourced and highly professional Ghana Hydrological Authority will not only attract and retain highly skilled staff but also ensure effective and well-coordinated development of drainage and flood management infrastructure in the country.

“The Authority will also be in the position to engage with Development Partners and explore sources of funding other than Government of Ghana to undertake flood mitigation projects across the country while enhancing the resilience of our communities and essential infrastructure”. The Minister added.

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