Develop New Ways Of Wiping Out Housing Deficit


The Honorable Minister of Works and Housing, Samuel Atta Akyea, has urged Shimizu Corporation of Japan to bring out technological ideas that will help reduce Ghana’s housing deficit within a shortest time frame.
The Minister was speaking at the Shimizu Open Academy Seminar at the Great Hall, University of Ghana in Accra. The seminar, which is the first of its kind in Africa, forms part of corporate social responsibility of Shimizu Institute of Technology, Japan.

According to the Minister, modern era construction of houses should not take a longer time to complete and that a technology that will bring a paradigm shift is imperative for the country’s development.
Honorable Atta Akyea, who expressed hope about the use of modern technology as the panacea for construction of houses within the shortest possible time, asked “what kind of Japanese ideas are you bringing us to wipe out this deficit, what kind of technology do you have that we will not be marking time for three years before we can see a flat in the air.”

The main objectives of the seminar are to transfer technological knowledge to students, engineers and workers in the local construction industry, encourage students to do internships with Shimizu Corporation and also employ graduates from Universities in Ghana.
The representative of Shimizu Corporation’s Dubai Office and also in charge of African Business, Mr. Masami Higuchi, thanked the organizers for giving them the opportunity to conduct Shimizu Open Academy in Ghana.

He noted that Shimizu Corporation is undertaking a number of construction works in Ghana and as part of their corporate social responsibility, chose to transfer their technological knowledge to students and engineers in the construction industry.
Professor Samuel Kwame Offei, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, who was the Chairman of the seminar, also expressed his gratitude to the Corporation for choosing Ghana as the first African country to hold such a productive seminar

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