Change Attitude Towards The Environment

Change Attitude Towards The Environment – Parliamentarians

The Parliamentary Select Committee on Works and Housing paid a familiarization visit to Dredge Masters Limited, the contractor dredging and desilting the Odaw River and Korle Lagoon in Accra.
Hon. Nana Amoako, the Chairman of the Committee appealed to the public to change their attitudes towards the environment and stop polluting water bodies to prevent flooding when it rains. He lamented that, without positive attitude towards the environment, no meaningful impact would be made on the dredging of the Odaw River and Korle Lagoon and its channels in the capital city.
The Government, according to the Chairman, will engage the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and other vital stakeholders to deal with the challenges posed by human settlements along the Odaw River and the Korle Lagoon among others. He said “It is time for stringent measures to be taken and resettlement considered to address the problem”.
The Director of operations of Dredge Masters, Mr. Sena Adiepena, in a presentation to the Committee, expressed concerns over the human and commercial activities on the already limited buffer zone and called for urgent action to prevent the situation.
Ing. Wise Ametepe, Dredge Masters Project Coordinator of KLERP, said there is the need for construction of sand barriers to prevent the siltation of the drains to save the government huge sums of monies spent on dredging and drains.
The Committee commended Dredge Masters Limited, a Ghanaian company for the good work done.

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